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    Another magosha who was watching shook her head and said: “Competition is very tough out here.

    Predictable women in dating validating user input with c

    I'd rather prefer to look at other people's threads and partake in the discussion than create my own.

    But I just have to get this off my chest real quick.

    Some may go as far as saying you should be grateful you’re being taken care of and don’t need to go to work or school.

    For an independent woman it’s not about needing to, it’s about wanting to .

    A traditional man must find a woman who is also traditional, because he will not change an independent one.

    While the needy man might not be traditional per se, he does require a lot of attention.

    The traditional man will tell you that taking care of the house and him is what makes you a good woman and you shouldn’t need anything outside of that.

    Since she and the women she knows don't have these peculiar traits (i.e. Sounds like you choose boring women, so it's your fault not theirs. If a woman isnt "perfect" ie, makes a ton of $$, doesnt have perfect breasts perky enough to darn near poke thier own eyes out, isnt between 100 and 105 pounds, he doesnt consider them good enough for him. No guy in his right mind would act like such a loser on the internet for free. And then comes the inevitable--and it NEVER FAILS: ......for it....... These chicks tend to be either 1) not conventionally attractive.

    no hobbies), then it must be your fault for going after this so-called tiny minority of women. You must not be familiar with our friend Jonathan LB. Or how about his feeling that the less fortunate in our society should just be taken out and disposed of in the most convenient manner so they wont be a burden on society? either nerdy, fat, goth, pimply, poorly proportioned, etc or 2) have very strong personalities and are called "intimidating" or "butch" (or if you switch the u with an i, another thing they're often called that's not child-friendly). A hobby is simply an activity that is done for pleasure. Do I find some hobbies to be a complete waste of time?

    I just made a thread discussing the fact that so few women have any hobbies and I was bashed by a few women and even some men. LOLHoly crap, I have so many hobbies that an entire room in my house is dedicated just to storing my hobby things. It would be one thing if these guys actually agreed with the women but their posts are just to side with the women and protect them from "the big bad 'woman-hating' OP". Why can't they discuss these things without getting emotional?

    Why is it that whenever a guy makes a thread to discuss female habits the inevitable happens? They say it's your fault and you're dating the wrong women. But then again I do not like being around most women because what you said... Scuba diving, skiing (all three kinds), bicycling, kayaking, running, backpacking/camping, martial arts, renfair, rollerblading, weaving, quilting, et cetera. I wanna know how much cash they get for being internet-superheroes because I'm sure they get paid a ton. If a guy ever has any criticism on a woman's habits his manhood/sexuality is questioned. Only once in a while will you have a woman come in the thread and make good points: I'm a female and I relatively agree with OP. They gossip, shop, complain, and talk about themselves. I know a few that have hobbies, but there's a catch-22.

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